5.0 out of 5 stars  By Amazon Customer

Should be compulsory reading for all parents!

I am so grateful to have come across this book – it is easy to read, beautifully written, and the author’s wisdom and experience is evident from the very first page. He not only convinces the reader that doing LESS is the secret to raising thriving, happy, connected children, but most importantly, he clearly explains HOW to do this. It has really helped to shift my mindset to a different place and I’m a much happier parent since reading this book.

Bedtimes are so much more peaceful and easy in our house now (I have children aged 3, 5 & 7 yrs) and I have been able to help my 3 year old heal a significant chunk of anxiety such that he is now a completely different boy!

I highly recommend it! Buy it!

5.0 out of 5 stars  By Nowick Gray

A great, important book

 A great, important book, written in an engaging, accessible style. The two key themes could be distilled as: “Crying is healing” and “Less control is better.”

Personally I was drawn to the book at a time in my life when I am done parenting, yet curious about my issues in life and their source in my own childhood upbringing. Needless to say, as a child of the 1950s, I exemplified many of the worst characteristics of then-“modern” childrearing: from a premature birth landing me in an isolated incubator, to the usual eyedrops and circumcision and vaccinations, to solitary confinement in a crib at home, to years being babysat by TV, to forced schooling (which my mother, upon the news of my own expecting of a daughter, advocated for her future “regimentation” in the same mold).

In the therapeutic sense, this book allowed me to revisit my own childhood, and my part in raising a daughter, with a compassionate forgiveness and an evolved understanding of a kinder, more nurturing approach to natural unfoldment in a young life.