Table of Contents

Foreword: The Original Script 

Introduction: How to Raise Miracle Children

Part One  -  Safety: How to Raise Smart, Kind, Happy Children

1    Step One: Painless Parenting
2    One Safe Place
3    The Side-Effects of Punishment
4    The Hidden Message of Punishment
5    Some Concerns about Painless Parenting
6    What about Consequences?
7    The Side-Effects of Rewards
8    Step One Applications:

>   “Getting Their Attention”
>   Time Out Together
>   Siblings without Rivalry
>   “Building Self-Esteem”
>   Raising Gentle Children in a Violent World
>   Alternatives to Punishment and Reward
>   “Why Is My Child Happier after I Punish Him?”

Part Two  -  Healing: How to Raise Resilient Children

  9    Step Two: Supportive Parenting
10    Darwin’s Other Great Discovery
11    Learning and Unlearning
12    The Original Taboo
13    What to Do When Your Baby Cries
14    What to Do When Your Older Child Cries
15    Catching Up
16    Healing by Proxy
17    What Is Whining?
18    The Other Emotional Healing Processes
19    Detonating Anger
20    Helping Our Children Heal Fears and Phobias
21    Healing Humiliation
22    A Cure for Boredom
23    Physical Healing
24    The Progress of Healing
25    The Key to Renaissance
26    Step Two Applications:

>    A Cure for “Over-Tiredness”
>    Unspoiling Your Child
>    Acting Out and Letting It Out
>    The Origins of Teasing
>    Defusing Aggression
>    Preventing and Curing Psychological Addictions
>    Four Keys to Peaceful Sleep
>    Preventing Psychological Eating Disorders
>    The Scene at the Supermarket
>    Untying the Apron Strings
>   A Cure for Separation Anxiety

Part Three  -  Freedom: How to Raise Cooperative Children

27    Step Three: Confident Parenting
28    Obedience or Cooperation?
29    A New Mindset
30    Life without the Detours
31    Freedom and Safety
32    When Is My Child Ready for Freedom?
33    Limits and Boundaries
34    A Safe Way to Control Your Child
35    Kicking the Control Habit
36    Step Three Applications:

>    Giving Welcome Advice
>    Raising Children Who Like to Share
>    Raising Children Who Are Immune to Peer Pressure
>    Freedom and Responsibility
>    Raising Self-Reliant Children
>    Raising a Willing Worker
>    Easy Feeding
>    Educating a Genius
>    Trouble-Free Teens
>    All Quiet on the United Front

Afterword: Keeping the Faith